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These electronic publications provide access to a wide variety of consumer related information.

Cars - Computers - Education - Employment - Family - Federal Programs - Food
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Air Bags & On-Off Switches - Discusses when using air bags is unsafe and specific steps to take to reduce the risk. Describes on-off switches and who should consider installing them. Includes the required form to request an on-off switch.

Automotive & Home Inspection and Safety Guide - Comprehensive safety checklists for your car and home. Includes helpful tips and where to call for more safety and other consumer information.

Buying a Used Car - Discusses your limited rights when buying from a dealer or private owner.

Child Transportation Safety Tips - This illustrated guide provides nine tips on how to protect your baby, what type of safety seat to use, how to secure a safety seat, and air bag safety.

Collecting Used Oil for Recycling/Reuse - Contains tips on changing your own motor oil and explains why recycling oil helps the environment and saves energy.

Consumer Tire Guide - Learn how to check for proper air pressure and signs of uneven wear; how and why to rotate your tires; special care in cold weather, and more.

Cost of Owning & Operating Autos, Vans & Light Trucks - Tables show depreciation, maintenance, gas, insurance, taxes, and more - based on 1991 prices.

Gas-Saving Products: Fact or Fuelishness? - Avoid fraudulent "gas-saving" advertising claims and get better gas mileage.

Keys to Vehicle Leasing - Learn the difference between leasing and buying a car. Explains required information on a lease agreement, as well as your rights and responsibilities.

Primer On Gasoline Prices - How prices are determined, what causes them to fluctuate, and why they differ according to region.

Underhood Tips to Help You Keep Your Cool - Your vehicle's air conditioning system probably contains Freon, which is no longer produced. Here are tips on how to maintain your a/c system and what to consider to convert your system to a non-Freon alternative.

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Dot Cons - Find out about the top ten online scams, how you can protect yourself, and tips for surfing the Internet without getting swindled.

Internet Fraud: How to Avoid Internet Investment Scams - Questions to ask about online investment opportunities, tips on the warning signs of fraud, and what to do if you run into problems.

Making the Connection: How to Go Online - Explains how to get online and choose the best Internet service provider.

You've Got Spam: How to "Can" Unwanted E-mail - Find out how marketers get your e-mail address, how to reduce the amount of spam you receive, what to do with the spam in your inbox, and how to avoid scams.

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All About Direct Loans - Discusses four types of direct student education loans, how much you can borrow, how to apply, how you'll be paid, repayment, and more.

Learning Partners - Activities to help your child learn reading, math, science, history, writing, and more.

Nontraditional Education: Alternative Ways to Earn Your Credentials - Get high school or college credit through the GED program, the National External Diploma program, correspondence and distance study, and standardized tests.

Preparing Your Child for College: Resource Book for Parents - work sheets and checklists to help plan for college academically and financially.

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Business and Managerial Occupations - Managing a business is a demanding job, but it can have many rewards. Learn more about the many exciting and challenging opportunities in business and management with this guide.

Careers: Conserving the Nature of America -

Changing Your Job - Find out if your current job is right for you, what to do when you look for a new job, and what happens to your benefits when you change jobs.

College Graduates: Degrees, Earnings and Outlook - Graduating from college can be a time of great uncertainty. Learn about what will be waiting for you with this informative booklet.

Computer and Mathematics-Related Occupations - When you hear Java, do you think computers before coffee? If you see the world through a computer monitor or mathematical equations, this booklet can help you find the right career in the computer and math fields.

Help Wanted--Finding a Job - Describes both private companies and government agencies that offer help in finding a job. Lists precautions to take when contacting an employment service firm.

OSHA: Employee Workplace Rights - What to do if you question the safety of, or hazards in your workplace. Lists addresses and phone numbers for more information.

Sales Occupations - If you're interested in going into sales, this guide will help. It offers information on different types of sales positions and gives details on each specific position.

Tomorrow's Jobs - Discusses changes and trends in the economy, labor force, occupational growth, education and training requirements, and more.

Work-at-Home Schemes - Covers classic schemes, must-ask questions, and where to complain.

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Aging--Parents and Adult Children Together - Here are the facts and resources on 10 important eldercare issues, including protecting seniors against fraud, health and money management services, long-term care insurance, and more.

Breast Milk or Formula: Making the Right Choice - Every parent wants to give their newborn baby the best. But which is best for your baby: breast milk or formula? Use this booklet to learn the facts about breast-feeding and its benefits.

C Esta enfermo uno desus hijos? (This is the Spanish language version of Got a Sick Kid?) - Siga estos consejos cuando esté dando medicamentos a sus hijos, y haga uso del itinerario recomendado de vacunas para protegerlos contra 12 enfermedades infantiles graves.

Caring for an Aging Loved One -

Childproofing Your Home - Use this guide to learn about 12 safety devices for your home and how they can protect your child.

Danger in the Home - Use this handy checklist to detect potential hazards to children and how to make your home a safer place.

Grandparents' Guide to Family Nurturing and Safety - Practical grandparenting tips from Dr. T. Berry Brazelton. Includes a pullout safety checklist for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers.

Growing Up Drug Free - Outlines what parents should know and can do to prevent or stop drug abuse, including alcohol and tobacco, at each age level.

Help Your Child Improve in Test- Taking - Simple techniques to help children at all grade levels avoid "test anxiety" and prepare for various types of tests.

Help Yourself to a Healthy Home: Protect Your Children's Health - Find out about potentially harmful products and how to make your home a healthier place.

Helping Your Child Become a Reader - Help children gain the skills they need to become good readers. Here are ways to turn everyday activities into learning experiences for infants to 6-year old children.

Helping Your Child Learn Geography - Teach 5-10 year old children geography in ways that are challenging and fun.

Helping Your Child Succeed in School - 15 fun activities to do with your children (ages 5-11) to help expand their imagination, obey, organize, help others, and much more.

Home Playground Safety Checklist - Use this handy checklist to make sure your home playground is safe for your kids.

How to Give Medicine to Children - You’ve tried everything from being an airplane to a choo-choo train--and nothing works. Here’s some help. Learn about avoiding drug interactions, measuring correct doses and more.

How to Make Adoption an Affordable Option - Explains the adoption process, myths, state laws, terminology, time frames, expenses, and more. Includes a resource guide and checklist.

Kids Aren't Just Small Adults - Important information about giving nonprescription medicine to your child.

Kids' Vaccinations Get a Little Easier - Some vaccinations are now combined to make immunization faster, easier, and for kids, a little more bearable Learn what they are and how they work to keep your child healthy Includes a vaccination schedule.

Learning Activities for the Growth Season - A 7-week schedule listing daily, fun learning activities for elementary age children. Poster.

Learning Disabilities - Explains the differences between learning problems and disabilities. Chart shows language and reasoning skills to watch for at different ages and more.

Mr. Plug's Fun Book, Kindergarten through Third Grade - Fun-filled coloring book with activities and games to help teach children about electrical safety.

Mr. Plug's Fun Book, Pre- Kindergarten - Coloring activity book geared towards preschoolers to teach them about electrical safety.

Museums and Learning: A Guide for Family Visits - How to make museum visits enjoyable learning experiences for your 4-12 year olds. Includes activities for children and families to do before, during, and after the visit.

Planning For Your Special Needs Child - Learn about setting up a legal guardian and planning for your child’s financial, medical, and educational needs.

Protecting Your Child - It’s a parent’s worst nightmare--a child lost or missing. Use this guide to teach your children about avoiding potential harm in person and in cyberspace.

Your Child's First Day At School - Tips on how to prepare your child for preschool or kindergarten, with a checklist to help determine if your child is ready to start.

Your Family Disaster Supply Kit - Lists kinds of food, first aid supplies, tools, and other items you should stock for an emergency.

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Federal Programs
About...Social Security - Explains the facts about social security benefits.

Choosing a Doctor: A Guide for People With Medicare - Useful information to find the right doctor, with worksheets, questions to ask, and more.

Choosing Treatments: A Guide for People With Medicare - Provides advice and worksheets to help you work with your doctor to develop the best treatment plan for any health problem.

Future of Social Security - Find out more about today’s Social Security system so you can help shape the system of tomorrow.

How You Can Buy Used Federal Personal Property - Describes used equipment and industrial items sold by the government, how they are sold, and where to call for more information.

It's Your Drinking Water: Get to Know it and Protect it! - You have a right to know what's in your drinking water and a role to play in your water's protection. Learn how you can become informed and involved.

Medicare & You 2005 - Here are detailed facts about your Medicare benefits and the health plan options available to you. Includes a telephone directory of contacts and a worksheet for comparing Medicare health plans.

Medicare and Other Health Benefits: Your Guide to Who Pays First - Determine whether Medicare or your other insurance pays first when you receive health care.

Medicare Questions and Answers - Need to learn more about your Medicare benefits? This guide provides information in an easy-to- understand question and answer format, including definitions of important terms.

Medicare Worksheet for Comparing Medicare Health Plans - Check off these easy-to- follow points to find the best health plan for your needs.

Selective Service System: Information for Registrants - Explains responsibilities, rights and obligations, induction, claims, and the appeals process.

Social Security: Basic Facts - Describes the different kinds of Social Security benefits, who receives them, and how they're financed.

Social Security: What Every Woman Should Know - Discusses how a woman's benefits may be affected by disability, divorce, widowhood, retirement, or other special circumstances.

Time to Register: Selective Service & You - Covers who must register, when, where, and how.

U.S. Government 2001-2003 TTY Directory - How to use the Federal Relay Service, with a listing of federal agencies and Congressional offices with text telephone (TTY) devices.

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Action Guide for Healthy Eating - Easy ways to include more low fat, high-fiber foods in your diet.

Are Bioengineered Foods Safe? - Get the facts on what bioengineering is, how it affects humans, and what the FDA is doing to regulate the industry.

Bulking Up Fiber's Healthful Reputation - Create your own high fiber diet and help reduce your risk of certain cancers, digestive disorders, and other ailments.

Consumer's Guide to Fats - Learn about the different kinds and what effect they have on your cholesterol level.

Critical Steps Toward Safer Seafood - Discusses how the FDA helps keep seafood safe and gives tips on safe food handling practices and selecting wholesome seafood.

Finding Your Way to a Heathier You - Use the new 2005 dietary guidelines to help make smart food choices, get physically active, and learn more about good nutrition.

Fruits & Vegetables: Eating Your Way to 5 A Day - Eating fruits and vegetables can reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer. Gives ideas to help you meet the 5 A Day goal.

Irradiation: A Safe Measure for Safer Food - Learn how irradiation helps control foodborne illnesses without making food radioactive.

Listeriosis and Food Safety Tips - Eating foods with the listeria bacteria can seriously affect pregnant women, newborns, and older adults. Learn about this illness, its symptoms, and how you can prevent it.

Pesticides and Food: What You and Your Family Need to Know - Certain levels of exposure to pesticides can cause health problems, especially in infants and children. Here is the information you need to keep you and your family safe.

Pinch of Controversy Shakes Up Dietary Salt - Discusses the effects of hidden salt in your diet and gives tips on reducing salt intake to prevent the risk of high blood pressure.

Safer Eggs: Laying the Groundwork - Discusses the benefits of eggs as well as new farm-to-table safety measures.

Sugar Substitutes: Americans Opt for Sweetness and Lite - A sweet tooth can sabotage your effort to cut calories. Use this guide to find out how low-calorie sugar substitutes can fit into your diet.

To Your Health! Food Safety for Seniors - Covers the basic rules of safe food preparation, including a list of foods not recommended for those over 65.

Where Do Your Favorite Foods Fit? - How to follow the Food Guide Pyramid and fit the foods you like to eat--such as pizza, fast foods, and mixed dishes--into a healthy diet.

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Alzheimer's Disease - is a group of diseases that lead to the loss of mental and physical functions. Learn how Alzheimer's is diagnosed, possible causes, and current treatments.

An Aspirin a Day...Just Another Cliche? - Read about the benefits of aspirin in preventing cardiovascular disease and if taking it is right for you.

Anxiety Disorders - Lists treatments available and resources to contact for more information on panic phobias, stress, obsessive-compulsive, and other disorders.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder - Discusses symptoms, causes, diagnosis, and treatments of this disorder which affects many children and young people.

Basik Lasik - Find out about Lasik eye surgery, who is a good candidate, possible risks and complications, and more.

Being A Blood Donor - Explains who can donate, the screening processes for both donors and the blood supply, and the benefits of donating blood.

Bipolar Disorder (Manic-Depressive Illness) - Learn signs and symptoms, available treatments, and how to get help.

Breast Cancer: Better Treatments Save More Lives - Find out about improved diagnostic techniques, the stages of breast cancer, and new treatments and drugs that are available.

Buying Medicine? Help Protect Yourself Against Tampering -

Colds & Flu - This useful guide discusses cold and flu symptoms, how to treat them, and what you can do to avoid getting sick.

Controlling Asthma - Discusses what triggers an asthma attack, possible causes, and medications to prevent attacks and help relieve symptoms.

Coping with Arthritis in Its Many Forms - Describes symptoms and treatments for the 7 most common types of arthritis, and how to avoid being a target for fraudulent "cures."

Diabetes Demands a Triad of Treatments - This pamphlet explores the different treatments for diabetes and how they can improve diabetics' lives.

Dieter's Brews Make Tea Time a Dangerous Affair - Many dieter's teas contain stimulant laxatives, which can cause serious side effects. Learn how to check labels and recognize dangerous symptoms.

Directory of Mental Health Resources -

Do You Know the Health Risks of Being Overweight? - Being overweight increases your chances of developing serious health problems, like heart disease, diabetes, or cancer. This guide can help you lose weight safely and develop a healthier lifestyle.

Exercise and Your Heart - Learn how to start a new exercise program, how to pace yourself, and effective ways to avoid injuries.

FDA Sets Higher Standards For Mammography - This guide gives you the facts on mammography facility standards and how to find a certified facility.

Full-Body CT Scans - Basic facts and points to consider when deciding to have a whole body CT screening exam, either for diagnostic or preventive measures.

Getting Information From FDA - Learn more about the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), what it does, and what information it can give you.

Getting Rid of Yeast Infections - There are a variety of drugs available to fight yeast infections. Learn more about this condition.

Getting Treatment for Panic Disorder - Do you have episodes of intense, disabling fear? Learn when you need help and what treatment options are available.

Guide to Contraceptive Choices - Compares 13 methods of birth control according to effectiveness, health risks, availability, convenience, and how well they protect you from sexually transmitted diseases.

Guide to Health Insurance - Get answers to the most frequently asked questions and compare services and costs using the checklist in this guide.

Healthy Heart Handbook for Women - Information on the seven major risk factors for heart disease and six self-help strategies to beat it. Includes a food guide, recipes, and a resouce list.

Homeopathy: Real Medicine or Empty Promises? - Learn about this method of treating disease, including its history, current practices, and how it's regulated.

How Folate Can Help Prevent Birth Defects - When and how to get enough folic acid in your diet.

How to Spot Health Fraud - That “miracle cure” could empty your pockets and harm your health. Here's useful tips on how to read labels and spot warning signs.

It's Quittin' Time - Describes the benefits and side effects of five stop-smoking aids: the anti-smoking pill, nasal spray, inhaler, nicotine patch and gum. Gives suggestions on creating a plan to stop smoking and more.

Keep Active - How older people can use exercise and sports to help lower the risk of common diseases, relieve arthritis pain, and recover faster from illness. Includes an activity log to track progress and lists tips to prevent injury.

Laser Eye Surgery: Is It Worth Looking Into? - Can the new surgical techniques get rid of your glasses and contacts forever? Find out if you're a good candidate and what risks are involved.

Making It Easier to Read Prescriptions - Gives an example of a typical prescription and a list of what common symbols and terms mean so you can ensure you get what you expect.

Medications and Older People - Learn how to prevent dangerous drug combinations, make taking medications easier, and reduce their cost.

Mental Health Factsheets -

New Drug Label Spells It Out Simply - Do you find it hard to read what’s on the labels of over-the-counter medicines? That's about to change. Read the sample new label and see the difference.

New Hope For People With Sickle Cell Anemia - Sickle cell anemia is a painful disease. But there may be a new hope for treating this disease--a new drug called Hydroxyurea. Find out more about this new drug and how its used.

New Vaccine Targets Lyme Disease - Food and Drug Administration licensed the first vaccine to help prevent Lyme disease, a bacterial infection transmitted by tick bites.

New Ways to Prevent and Treat AIDS - Describes new home-use testing kits, drug treatments, and other advances in fighting AIDS.

Osteoporosis: Are You At Risk? -

Ovarian Cancer - Discusses the risk factors for ovarian cancer, how it is diagnosed, treatment options, and more.

Over 65 & Feeling Depressed - Provides a checklist to identify symptoms of depression and explains causes and treatment for clinical depression.

Overcoming Infertility - Discusses what a couple can do to help conceive a child. Includes information on medications, surgery, and other medical procedures.

Panic Disorder - What to do when anxiety or sudden fear seems too much to handle. Lists symptoms, treatments, and where to get help.

Personal Emergency Response Systems - Explains how different systems summon help. Includes a helpful checklist and must-ask questions.

Progress in Blood Supply Safety - Discusses how the blood industry is regulated, and the test now performed on all donated blood.

Prostate Cancer - the second most common cancer in men. Learn how it is detected, what treatments are available, and where to get more information.

Prostate Cancer: No One Answer for Testing or Treatment - How prostate cancer is detected, what the stages are, and what you need to know to choose the best treatment option.

Questions to Ask Your Doctor Before You Have Surgery - Use this booklet to become a better informed and prepared patient.

Questions to Ask Your Pharmacist - Your pharmacist knows a lot about your medications and can alert you to any dangerous drug interactions. Learn what to ask and more.

Setting Goals for Weight Loss - Maintaining a healthy weight has many benefits, but it’s difficult to lose weight if your goals are unrealistic. Check out the Body Mass Index (BMI).

Seven Steps to Safer Sunning - When it's warm outside, everyone's thoughts turn to lemonade, the beach, and summer tans. But tanning can damage your skin. Learn how to protect your skin and still enjoy the sun with this guide.

Should You Go on a Diet? - Discusses the risks of fad diets and diet pills for teenagers, and gives healthy tips for anyone trying to lose weight.

So You Have High Blood Cholesterol - Here are the facts about high cholesterol and what you can do to lower yours.

Sun, UV, and You - Explains what the UV (ultraviolet radiation) index is and how you can use it to avoid skin cancer, premature aging of the skin, and more.

Surgeon General's Report on Mental Health: Executive Summary -

Taking Charge of Menopause - Learn about menopause, its symptoms, and health risks associated with it.

Taming Tummy Turmoil - Describes over-the-counter medications (and their possible side effects) for motion sickness, heartburn, indigestion, and overindulgence.

The New OTC Medicine Label - All over-the-counter medicines now carry usage and warning labels. Learn what's important--for your health's sake.

Time to Spring Into Action Against Seasonal Allergies - Explains how to treat chronic allergies, including medications, nasal sprays, and allergy shots. Covers common FAQs regarding over-the-counter medications.

To Be Or Not To Be--On Hormone Replacement Therapy - Compares the benefits, side effects, and long-term health effects of hormone replacement therapy.

Understanding Acute Low Back Problems - Learn what causes them, the most effective treatments, how to minimize future problems, and more.

Understanding Prostate Changes: A Health Guide for All Men - Learn about prostate enlargement and prostate cancer, including screening and treatment.

Unproven Medical Treatments Lure Elderly - Americans spend nearly $20 billion each year on unproven medical treatments. Learn why these can be dangerous and how to avoid fraud.

Vision Correction Procedures - Discusses the latest surgical and non-surgical procedures to correct nearsightedness and how to properly evaluate the claims of each procedure.

Vision Correction: Taking a Look at What's New - Use this guide to learn about the latest developments in laser and non–laser eye surgery, contact lenses, and eyeglasses.

Ways to Win At Weight Loss - Tips on how to create a successful weight loss plan, including over- the-counter medications, prescription drugs, and diet and exercise programs.

Weight Loss: Finding a Weight Loss Program that Works for You - Tips on comparing different weight loss programs and using the Body Mass Index (BMI) calculator to determine your BMI and set your weight goal.

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Automatic and Programmable Thermostats - How to choose which of the five basic types is best for your home and will help you save the most money and energy.

Backyard Bird Problems - How to control common problems such as destruction of garden plants, nesting in gutters and chimneys, and damage to your home's exterior.

Buying Your Home: Settlement Costs and Helpful Information - Describes the home buying, financing, and settlement (closing) process. Also gives tips on shopping for a loan.

Consumer Guide for a Fire Safe Home - A comprehensive guide to fire safe building products, renovating supplies and furnishings.

Consumer Handbook On Adjustable Rate Mortgages - Basic features, advantages, risks, and terminology associated with adjustable rate mortgages. Explains how ARM's work, how to reduce your risk, and more. Includes a table for comparing mortgages.

Consumer's Guide to Mortgage Lock- Ins - Basic information to help you obtain the terms of credit you really want. Lists questions to ask when shopping for a mortgage.

Consumer's Guide to Mortgage Refinancings - Will refinancing be beneficial to you? Learn the costs and how to tell if the time is right.

Energy Efficient Mortgage Home Owner Guide - If you're buying, refinancing, or remodeling, save money with a mortgage that covers energy-saving repairs.

Energy-Efficient Windows - Describes how to reduce your home's heating, cooling, and lighting costs using properly selected and installed windows.

Fixing Up Your Home and How to Finance It - Information about hiring a contractor, doing the work yourself, and the HUD Title 1 home improvement loan program.

High-Cost "Predatory" Home Loans: How to Avoid the Traps - You can protect yourself by knowing the warning signs of predatory loan practices, questions to ask before signing a contract, and where to turn for help.

Home Buyer's and Seller's Guide to Radon - Learn about testing options and what to do before buying or selling a home.

Home Buyer's Vocabulary - Defines common words and terms used in the real estate world. Especially useful for the first time buyer.

Home Electrical Safety Check - Lists symptoms of potential electrical hazards, discusses do's and don'ts, and poses questions to help you keep your home safe.

Home Improvement - Helpful advice on when home improvements pay off, how to select different home improvement specialist, and comparing financing options.

Home Inspection & You - 11 questions with answers about how and why to get a professional home inspection before you buy or sell.

Homeowner's Glossary of Building Terms - Taking on a home improvement project can open a whole new world of terms you may not know. Here's a quick reference to help you keep up with the language of the trade.

How to Recognize Hazardous Defects in Trees - Learn how to inspect your trees, what defects to look for, and how to correct problems.

Improving the Efficiency of Your Duct System - Fix potential problems that can affect your family's health and comfort and cost you money.

Indoor Air Hazards Every Homeowner Should Know About - Get rid of molds, carbon monoxide, radon, asbestos, lead, tobacco smoke, and other pollutants.

Inside Story: A Guide to Indoor Air Quality - Household products, building materials, pets, heating systems, and more can affect your health Learn how and what to do about them.

Keeping Your Home Safe - Use the crime-stoppers' checklist and other practical tips to protect your home from fire and theft.

Making Your Home Safe from Fire and Carbon Monoxide - Prevent fires, protect yourself with smoke detectors and fire extinguishers, keep carbon monoxide out of your home, and develop an emergency home escape plan for your family.

Managing the Japanese Beetle: A Homeowner's Handbook - Discusses how to detect and control Japanese beetles, and choose plants that resist Japanese beetle feeding.

Pesticides in Drinking-Water Wells - Learn how to test water from your private or community well and what to do if it's unsafe.

Power$mart: Easy Tips to Save Money and the Planet - Get tips on making your home more comfortable while reducing your monthly energy bill.

Protect Your Family From Lead In Your Home - Exposure to lead is dangerous, especially to young children. Learn how to check your home for signs of lead.

Rehab a Home With HUD's 203(k) - Learn how you can get a long-term mortgage that includes the costs of reconstructing, modernizing and eliminating health and safety hazards in your home. Find out what properties are eligible, what improvements are covered, and how to apply.

Renting An Apartment - Advice about renting an apartment: where to look for, how much you should spend, location checklist, and much more.

Repairing Your Flooded Home - Step-by-step advice on cleaning up and repairing your home and its contents after a flood and how to protect your home in the future.

Saving With Energy Star - How to choose products with the Energy Star label to help save energy, help the environment, and reduce the costs of utility bills.

Selling A Home - Gives practical tips on how to prepare your house for sale, how to choose an agent, setting a fair price, where to get legal help, and tax implications.

Should You Have Your Air Ducts in Your Home Cleaned? - Tips on deciding if your ducts need cleaning, choosing a cleaning service, evaluating health claims, and keeping ducts clean.

Weather Patterns Are Changing, and So Are Your Chances of Being Flooded - In recent years, 2 out of every 3 U.S. natural disasters were flood related. Learn how to obtain the flood insurance you should have.

Weathering the High Cost of Heating Your Home - Evaluate your heating system's energy efficiency, buy energy-efficient appliances, and get the best prices on heating oil.

When Your Home Is On the Line: What You Should Know About Home Equity Lines of Credit - Here are questions, terms, tips, a checklist, and more to find the plan that meets your needs and protects your interest.

Your Home Fire Safety Checklist - How to reduce the risks of fire, where the "hot" spots are, and what to do if fire occurs.

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At-Home Shopping Rights - How to deal with late deliveries, unordered merchandise, billing errors and much more when making purchases by mail or phone order.

Bankruptcy - Explains what bankruptcy is, lists the different types, and what the differences mean to you in the short and long term.

Being an Executor - Explains what an executor is and does in order to settle an estate. Lists resources for more help if you are named an executor.

Being Sued - Describes what happens when you're sued; when to consider hiring a lawyer; and options for avoiding litigation.

Build Wealth Not Debt - Join the American Saver program--learn five key savings strategies and receive a free quarterly savings newsletter.

Buying Time: The Facts About Pre-Paid Phone Cards - How to buy long distance telephone services in advance.

Choosing & Using Credit Cards - Credit cards vary widely in their charges and how fees are calculated. Learn how to compare costs for the best deal.

Cold Calling - How can you stop sellers from calling, what are the signs of a scam or fraud, and who can you contact for help?

Consumer's Guide to Investing & Collecting U.S. Currency - How to determine the value of a note and buy, sell, handle, store, and ship currency. Special note on the risks of currency investing.

Credit and Divorce - Compares the benefits and disadvantages of individual, joint and "user" accounts. Steps to take if you divorce or separate.

Cuándo no es su cheque un cheque? Intercambio electrónico de cheques - Los comerciantes pueden ahora utilizar la información de sus cheques para retirar el dinero directamente de su cuenta bancaria. Aprenda sobre las sus derechas cuando viene a la conversión electrónica del cheque y qué a hacer si usted tiene un problema.

Deposits & Investments - …explains the differences between them, when your money is and is not insured by the U.S. Government, and information about fees, guarantees, and risks.

Doing Your Taxes - Explains what tax forms to use, how to fill them out, where to send your return, and how to get free help. Lists the most common errors to watch for.

Enjoying Retirement - What you need to plan for and know about retirement, such as exercise, recreation, diet, finances, and more.

Fair Credit Reporting - Learn what's in your credit report, how you can get a copy, and more.

Fair Debt Collection - How and where to complain if you are harassed, threatened, or abused by debt collectors.

Federal Credit Unions - How they work, what services are offered, and how to become a member.

Finding a Lost Pension - Here’s how to find out if you have an unclaimed pension, where to search, documents you’ll need, and what to do when you find your pension fund.

Fiscal Fitness: Choosing a Credit Counselor - Credit counselors offer a variety of services that can help you put your financial life back in order. Use this guide to choose the credit counselor that is right for you.

From Here To Security - Provides specific advice and actions to take for each of five different steps to financial security - from setting goals and choosing investment products to checking your progress.

Getting Credit When You're Over 62 - Everybody needs credit, but it may be difficult to get as you get older, especially if you have no personal credit history. Here are the facts on applying for credit, checking your credit history, establishing a credit record, and what to do if you’re denied credit.

Getting What You Pay For: Weights & Measures Tips for Consumers - Get the best buys on items like gasoline, groceries, and firewood sold by weights and measures. Tells who to contact with problems or questions.

Guía del consumidor sobre Check 21 y cheques sustitutos - Una nueva ley, cheque 21, permite que los bancos le envíen el "substitite comprueba" en lugar de sus cheques cancelados originales. Descubra las sus derechas.

How To Check Out Your Stockbroker or Brokerage Firm/When Your Broker Calls, Take Notes! - Get your stockbroker's history and background by requesting a Central Registration Depository report. Then follow the easy-to- use worksheet to record conversations with your broker and keep track of recommendations you receive.

How to Dispute Credit Report Errors - Gives tips on correcting errors, registering a dispute, and adding information to your file.

I Bonds Investor's Guide - Follow this easy-to-read Q&A format to find out if I Bonds are a good way for you to save and invest money.

ID Theft: When Bad Things Happen to Your Good Name - How to protect your personal information, what to do if you are a victim, resources to contact, and more.

Identity Crisis...What to Do If Your Identity is Stolen - It sounds like something out of a spy movie--but it can happen. Thieves can get your bank, credit, debit, charge, and Social Security card numbers. Find out how to protect yourself.

Identity Theft: Reduce Your Risk - Explains identity theft, ways to protect yourself, and steps to take if you become a victim.

Invest Wisely - Basic tips to help you select a brokerage firm and representative, and make and monitor an investment Identifies questions to ask and warning signs to look for to avoid problems.

Investment Swindles: How They Work and How to Avoid Them - Protect yourself against illegal, yet legitimate- sounding, telemarketing and direct mail offers.

IRS Audit - Explains what an audit is, and factors that may trigger one. Here's advice that includes how to appeal the results.

Keeping Family/Household Records - Every family household has some important records. Learn what to keep and how to safeguard your important documents.

Lump Sum Distribution - Before you take out the money built up in a pension plan, consider the tax and investment benefits and risks of your options.

Make the Smart Exchange - Convert your paper Treasury Securities to "paper-less" book- entry accounts and keep your holdings both safe and convenient.

Making a Will - Explains why a will is important, how to prepare one, what to include, and how to keep it current.

Making Sense of Savings - How to compare the various types of banking accounts available. Describes the different services and fees, and gives questions to ask about interest rates and service charges.

Managing Your Debts: How to Regain Financial Health - Learn where to begin--what you can do for yourself, how credit counseling can help, facts about bankruptcy, and more.

Microcap Stock: A Guide for Investors - Here are the details on these low-priced stocks issued by small companies and how to protect yourself from fraud.

Need a Loan? Think Twice About Using Your Home as Collateral - Useful tips to help you protect your home and equity when applying for a loan.

Planning Financial Security - Here’s a step-by-step guide to improving your financial future. It features a worksheet to help track your spending, tips on creating a spending plan, and an investor’s checklist.

Predictable, Secure Pension for Life - Describes traditional benefit pension plans, how they operate, and the rights and options of workers covered by them.

Pretexting: Your Personal Information Revealed - Pretexting is when others get your personal information under false pretenses. Find out how it happens, the laws against it, and how to protect yourself.

Protejase de los cargos por cheques rebotados y sobregiros - Descubra cuánto saldo descubierto y honorarios despedidos del cheque pueden costarle y aprender cómo evitar estos honorarios.

Shop...The Card You Pick Can Save You Money - Use the helpful chart of major credit card issuers to select the best card for you by comparing annual percentage rates, fees, and other features.

Shopping With Your ATM Card - Describes the new and expanded ways you can use an ATM card. Also provides safety precautions and a listing of ATM networks and affiliated shopping services by state.

Special Report: Are You Sure You're Fully Insured? - Bank failures aren’t common--but if your banking institution should fail, are your deposits protected? Here are the facts on FDIC insurance, tips for keeping your money safe, and answers to common questions.

Staying Independent: Planning for Financial Independence in Later Life - Helps you evaluate your present financial status and determine if changes are necessary.

Tips You Can Bank On - Strategies to help you get better banking services, protect your investments, manage loans and credit card debt wisely, prevent fraud, and more.

U.S. Savings Bonds - Learn about the different types of bonds, federal and state tax benefits, and how to purchase savings bonds online.

Understanding Opportunities & Risks in Futures Trading - Explains the commodities market, the risks involved, and regulations governing it.

Viatical Settlements - Discusses various options for selling your life insurance policy if you have a terminal illness, including lump sum payments, loans, and accelerated benefits.

What Savvy Consumers Need to Know About Debit Cards - Explains how debit cards work and what to do if your debit card is lost or stolen. Includes 10 tips on how to protect your card and a special form to keep track of card numbers.

Your Credit Scores - Your credit score is a number based on the information in your credit file that rates how much of a risk you are. Learn why your credit score matters, what good and bad scores are, the elements of your FICO credit score, and how you can raise your score.

Your Insured Deposit - Explains what is protected and what isn't if your bank should fail, how much of your money is insured, what types of accounts are covered, and more.

Your Investments - Consumer facts about investments that are not deposits and are not insured by the FDIC

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Small Business
Americans with Disabilities Act: Guide for Small Businesses - Discusses basic requirements businesses must follow to ensure that facilities are accessible. Also includes toll-free sources for assistance.

Avoiding Office Supply Scams - Learn the most common office scams and tips to avoid receiving overpriced or unordered merchandise.

Basic Facts About Registering a Trademark - Defines trademarks and their functions Includes an application form with instructions.

Facts About...Starting a Small Business - Explains how to create a business plan, research your market, price your products and services, and raise money for your business.

General Information Concerning Patents - Learn about patent laws, application procedures, costs, and more in this revision Includes application form with instructions.

Invention Promotion Firms - Questions to ask before you hire a company to help sell your product or service. Lists common scams and warning signs of fraud.

Q's & A's for Small Business Employers - Use this guide to develop an effective safety and health program, identify safety hazards, reduce injuries, and more.

Reporting & Disclosure Guide for Employee Benefit Plans - Lists various forms for pension and welfare plans and tells when they must be filed with appropriate federal agencies.

Running a Small Business - Discusses sales and marketing, record keeping, finding advisors, partners, personnel, patents, trademarks, copyrights, financial concerns and much more.

SBA Borrower's Guide - Explains SBA's loan programs, including maximum loan amounts available, interest rates, eligibility, etc. Includes a reference chart covering 10 loan programs and a loan repayment guide.

SBA Programs & Services - Find out how the Small Business Administration can help you start or expand a business. Describes SBA’s financial assistance programs, business development programs, and more.

Selling a Business - How to fing a buyer, work with a broker, assess what your business is worth, handle your customer list, and finance the sale.

Starting a Business - Questions to ask about yourself and your business plans before you get started. Discusses financing, and explains the four types of business ownership.

Using Consumer Reports: What Landlords Need to Know - Learn how to use consumer credit reports to evaluate rental applications of prospective tenants and what you are legally required to do.

Using Credit Reports: What Employers Need to Know - Explains the legal steps you must take when using credit reports to hire or evaluate employees.

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Access Travel: Airports - How to make travel easier for persons with disabilities. Lists facilities and services at 553 airport terminals worldwide.

Discover America: Listing of State Tourism Offices of the U.S. - Use this list to order free vacation information including maps, calendars of events, travel guides, and more.

Facts About Federal Wildlife Laws - Learn which animals and animal products can be imported to the U.S. and how to avoid customs delays.

Fly Smart - Gives more than 30 steps you can take to help make your flight a safe one.

Passports & Customs - Explains how to apply for a passport and provides useful customs advice for returning U.S. residents.

Personal Security for the American Business Traveler Overseas - It is important to be alert and aware of the customs, laws and possible dangers. Use these helpful tips to protect yourself abroad.

Stars in Your Eyes: A Guide to the Northern Skies -

Travel Tips for Older Americans - This booklet provides advice to help you plan a safe and healthy trip and to make your trip the exciting, memorable event it should be.

Using Credit & Charge Cards Overseas - Explains how your credit is protected and how to get cash; currency conversion and fees, tips on shopping, renting a car, making lodging and travel reservations, and airline travel.

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And More…
All That Glitters: The Jive on Jewelry - Explains terms commonly used in buying gold, silver, diamonds, and more. Includes a jewelry shopper's checklist.

Antitrust Enforcement and the Consumer - Explains how laws governing business competition are enforced and how consumers benefit.

Closet Cues: Care Labels and Your Clothes - Beginning July 1, 1997, manufacturers may use certain care symbols in place of words on labels. Learn the new care symbols and what to do if your clothes end up damaged.

Consumer's Guide to Postal Services and Products - Discusses the product and service options the Postal Service offers to help you choose the right service to meet your needs and save you time and money. Information on priority and express mail, mail order fraud, pornographic and undesirable mail.

Dealing with a Disability - Discusses options for housing, health care, financial benefits, work, and legal rights.

Duck Stamp Story - Help preserve wetlands and wildlife refuges by becoming a collector of these unique stamps.

Earthquakes - Describes where and why earthquakes occur, how they happen, how they are measured, and techniques used to predict them.

Emergency Preparedness Checklist - How to develop a family emergency plan, what to keep in a car emergency kit, and other tips.

Finding Legal Help - Tips for reducing the costs of legal help plus practical information for older people on public and private resources.

Going Wireless: A Consumer Guide To Choosing Cellular Service - How to select the right service and calling plan, understand the terms of your contract, avoid fraud, and more.

How to Buy and Install Telephone Products - Information on regular, cordless, and cellular telephones and answering machines.

How to Choose, Use and Care for Audio and Video Tape… - by choosing the right tapes for your equipment.

How to Protect Yourself - Six booklets describe how to protect your home, car, and neighborhood, how to spot a con artist, and how to conduct a security survey.

In the Event of a Flood - What you can do to prepare for a flood, get through it safely, and clean up afterwards.

Making the Best Call - Companies are now able to provide both local and long distance telephone service. Save money by comparing offers.

Mud & Guts - We all know about George Washington and Valley Forge, but what was life like for average soldiers in the American Revolution? Find out about their food, weapons, clothing, diseases, and more with these down-to-earth stories and humorous cartoons by Bill Mauldin.

Naturalization Requirements & General Information - ..on becoming a citizen of the U.S.. Who is eligible, what forms and papers are needed.

Protecting Your Privacy - How to check your credit file and medical record, handle telephone sales, and have your name removed from mailing lists.

Smart Consumer's Guide to Telephone Service - Handy tips on shopping for telephone service and discusses what help is available for low-income consumers.

Stay Healthy & Whole: Consumer Guide to Product Safety Recalls - Lists products regulated by eight federal agencies with addresses and phone numbers.

Swindlers Are Calling - Eight things you should know about telemarketing fraud, nine tip-offs that a caller could be a crook, and ten ways to avoid becoming a victim.

Taking Legal Action - Discusses when legal action may be appropriate, how to file in small claims court, and when to consider hiring a lawyer.

U.S. and the Metric System - Explains how to use metric in everyday life. Includes metric conversion charts and more.

Why Save Endangered Species? - Explains the benefits of protecting endangered plants and animals and suggests ways to get involved.

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