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Child Transportation Safety Tips

Child Transportation Safety Tips
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Tip #1

Quick safety seat checkup
Tip #2

Where should your child ride?
Tip #3

How to protect your new baby in the car?
Tip #4

What safety seat to use for a big baby or toddler?
Tip #5

How should preschool and school children ride safely?
Tip #6

Is your safety seat secure in the car?
Tip #7

Harness straps: your child'slink to safety
Tip #8

What are safety seat recalls?
Tip #9

Air bag safety: Buckle up everyone! Children in back!
Tip #10

Play it safe: Walking and biking safely (toddlers & preschoolers)
Tip #11

Kids on the move: walking and biking safely (kindergarten to grade three)
Tip #12

School bus stops: a risky part of the ride
Tip #13

Handrails & drawstrings: clothing causes school
bus hazard

Tip #14

Beyond the front yard: creating safer streets and play places for children

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