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Federal Benefits for Veterans and Dependents

FCIC: Federal Benefits for Veterans and Dependents


1. Health Care Benefits
2. Benefit Programs
3. Burial Benefits
4. Survivor Benefits
5. Women Veterans
6. Homeless Veterans
7. Overseas Benefits
8. Small and Disadvantaged Businesses
9. Workplace Benefits
10. Miscellaneous Programs and Benefits
11. Appeals
12. Tables
13. Important Phone Numbers
14. VA on the Internet
15. VA Facilities

Federal Benefits for Veterans and Dependents
2004 Edition

Wartime Service
Special Groups
Selected Reserve and National Guard
Filipino Veterans
Important Documents
Privacy Act
Informacion Para Veteranos De Habla Hispana y Sus Dependientes

1. Health Care Benefits
Health Care Enrollment
   Priority Groups
   Special Access to Care
Financial Information
   Financial Assessment
   Services Requiring Copayments
   Outpatient Visits Not Requiring Copayments
   Billing Insurance Companies
Health Care Programs
   Registry Programs
   Readjustment Counseling
   Prosthetic and Sensory Aid Services
   Services and Aids for Blind Veterans
   Home Improvements and Structural Alterations
   Alcohol and Drug-Dependence Treatment
   Compensated Work Therapy
   Outpatient Dental Treatment
   Outpatient Pharmacy Services
   Nursing-Home Care
   Domiciliary Care
   Medical Care for Dependents and Survivors
Beneficiary Travel
Emergency Medical Care in Non-VA Facilities Veterans Living or Traveling Overseas
Merchant Marine Seamen
Allied Veterans

2. Benefit Programs
   Disability Compensation
   Receiving Benefit Payments
   Prisoners of War
   Agent Orange and Other Herbicides
   Veterans Exposed to Radiation
   Gulf War Veterans
   Specially Adapted Homes
   Automobile Assistance
   Clothing Allowance
   Allowances for Dependents
   Aid and Attendance or Housebound
   Incarcerated Veterans
   Fugitive Felons
   Improved Pension
   Protected Pension Programs
   Medal of Honor Pension
Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment
   Program for Unemployable Veterans
Children of Vietnam Veterans Born with Certain Birth Defects
   Spina Bifida Program
   Children of Women Vietnam Veterans Program
Education and Training
   Montgomery GI Bill (Active Duty)
   Montgomery GI Bill (Selected Reserve)
   Veterans' Educational Assistance Program Home Loan Guaranties
   Guaranty Amount
   Required Occupancy
   Closing Costs
   Financing, Interest Rates and Terms
   Release of Liability, Loan Assumption
   Loans for Native American Veterans
   Repossessed Homes
   Safeguards for Veterans
Life Insurance
   Servicemembers' Group Life Insurance
   Family Servicemembers' Group Life Insurance
   Veterans' Group Life Insurance
   Accelerated Death Benefits for SGLI and VGLI
   Service-Disabled Veterans Insurance
   Veterans' Mortgage Life Insurance
   Insurance Dividends
   Miscellaneous Insurance Information

3. Burial Benefits
Burial in VA National Cemeteries
Headstones and Markers
Presidential Memorial Certificates
Burial Flags
Reimbursement of Burial Expenses
Military Funeral Honors
Veterans' Cemeteries Administered by Other Agencies

4. Survivor Benefits
Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC)
   DIC Payments to Surviving Spouse
   DIC Payments to Parents and Children
   Special Allowances
   Restored Entitlement Program for Survivors
Death Pension
Home Loan Guaranties
Dependents' Education
   Monthly Payments
   Work Study
   Counseling Services
   Special Benefits
   Educational Loans
   Montgomery GI Bill Death Benefit

5. Women Veterans

6. Homeless Veterans

7. Overseas Benefits
   Medical Benefits
   Other Overseas Benefits

8. Small and Disadvantaged Businesses

9. Appeals
Board of Veterans' Appeals
U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims

10. Workplace Benefits
Unemployment Compensation
Transition Assistance Program
Pre-separation Counseling
Verification of Military Experience and Training
Transition Bulletin Board
DoD Transportal
Veterans' Workforce Investment Program
State Employment Services
Re-employment Rights
Federal Jobs for Veterans
Veterans Readjustment Appointment

11. Miscellaneous Programs and Benefits
Loans for Farms and Homes
Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
Naturalization Preference
Small Business Administration
Social Security
Supplemental Security Income
Passports to Visit Overseas Cemeteries
Review of Discharges
Replacing Military Records
Correction of Military Records
Armed Forces Retirement Homes
Commissary and Exchange Privileges
Death Gratuity

12. Tables

13. Important Phone Numbers

14. VA on the Internet


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