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Section 1: Your High Blood Pressure
    What Is Blood Pressure?
    Testing for High Blood Pressure
    How Do You Rate?

Section 2: Taking Action to Control High Blood Pressure
    Lose weight if you are overweight
    Be physically active
    Choose foods low in salt & sodium
    Limit your alcohol intake
    Take your high blood pressure pills
    Types of Medications
    Possible side effects

Section 3: Special Concerns
    Women taking birth control pills
    Older persons
    African Americans
    People with diabetes
    People with high blood cholesterol

Section 4: For More Information
A Sample Walking Program
Menu Ideas and Recipes
Generic Names of High Blood Pressure Drugs

Lowering Your Blood
Pressure is Up to You

Today, more and more people are having their blood pressure tested and controlled. But many others either never bother to check their blood pressure or stop following their doctor’s orders.

Unfortunately, high blood pressure will not simply go away. Ignoring it is very dangerous. You must accept that treatment is important. You must also accept that, while it’s up to the doctor to prescribe the best treatment to lower your blood pressure, it’s your job to follow through with that treatment.

"Follow through" includes making lifestyle changes and having your progress checked, since your treatment needs probably will change over time. For instance, some people need to cut back more on sodium, lose weight, or begin taking a drug; other people may be able to reduce or, in some cases, stop taking drugs.

If you need help making changes, contact your doctor, a pharmacist, registered dietitian or qualified nutritionist, or other health care professional.

Only by taking change of your health will you get the most from your treatment. So start now to lower your high blood pressure: Treat it for life!

High Blood Pressure:
Treat it for Life

Years ago, having high blood pressure often meant withdrawing from life. Many people had to retire early and stop doing favorite activities. Little was known about the condition and there was no effective treatment.

Today, that has changed. People with high blood pressure can have a full life. With lifestyle changes, they may be able to lower their blood pressure without taking a medicine. And many of the steps that improve their health can also keep others in their family from ever getting high blood pressure.

This booklet will tell you about high blood pressure---what it means and what to do about it.

High blood pressure still has no cure. Once high blood pressure occurs, it usually lasts a lifetime. You can lower it with treatment. But stop treating it and it goes up again.

So Lower Your
High Blood Pressure
And Have A Full,
Active Life!

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Portions of this booklet have appeared in "High Blood Pressure & What You Can Do About it," by Dr. Marvin Moser, published and copyrighted by The Benjamin Company, Inc., White Plains, NY. Used here by permission.

National High Blood Pressure Education Program, NHLBI Obesity Education Initiative, Coordinated by the National, Lung, and Blood Institute.

For sale by the U.S. Government Printing Office, Superintendent of Documents, Mail Stop: SSOP, Washington, DC 20402-9328, ISBN 0-16-045176-0.

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