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Consumer Advice - Information available to the public about food safety and food products. - The public site provides general information about consumer protection in all countries that belong to the IMSN (International Marketing Supervision Network), contact information for consumer protection authorities in those countries, and an online complaint form.
Federal Trade Commission - enforces a variety of federal antitrust and consumer protection laws. The Commission seeks to ensure that the nation's markets function competitively, and are vigorous, efficient, and free of undue restrictions.
FTC - Consumer Protection - This page lists links for consumers on many topics such as children's issues, e-commerce and telemarketing. There is also a link on how file a complaint online.
FTC - Spam Email - This site gives you tips on how to reduce the amount of spam that you receive, what can you do about it, and how to avoid spam scams. - Learn about savings bonds, T-bills and notes. Calculate your bond's worth and look into online services.
Scholarship Scams - This site, from the Federal Trade Commission, give students and their families tips on what to look out for to protect your money from scams. There are also links to the Department of Education and an online complaint form.
Smart Communities Network - We are delighted to offer you this menu of information and services on how your community can adopt sustainable development as a strategy for well-being.
'Tis the Season: Donating to Charities - With more than half a million federally recognized charities soliciting contributions, chances are you'll be asked to donate. This page lists some tips to help you give wisely.
U.S. Agency for International Development - The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) is an independent agency that provides economic, development and humanitarian assistance around the world in support of the foreign policy goals of the United States.
U.S. Coast Guard - Learn about the history of the Coast Guard, boating and marine safety, licensing, environmental protection, employment opportunities and more.
U.S. Coast Guard - Office of Boating Safety - Learn more about the regulations that govern recreational boaters, minimum requirements for equipment for recreational vessels, and important boating safety recommendations. In addition, you can learn more about your state’s boating laws, as well as other Federal regulations that govern safety and equipment standards. The web site has a variety of resources for gaining a better understanding of items of general boating interest.
U.S. Supreme Court - This site provides information on the opinions, rulings and dockets to the Judicial Internship Program, bar adminissions and more.
United for a Stronger America: Citizens' Preparedness Guide - Learn about some simple steps you can take in order to prepare and protect your family and community in the event of a tragedy.

More Government Resources

2001-2003 U.S. Government TTY Directory - This pages tells you how to use the Federal Relay Service, with a listing of federal agencies and Congressional offices with text telephone (TTY) devices. -
Eldercare Locator - Eldercare Locator, a nationwide toll-free service, has helped older adults and their caregivers find local services for seniors. The U.S. Administration on Aging is now pleased to make part of this service available on-line so that consumers can easily link to the information and referral (I&R) services of their state and area agencies on aging.
Federal Bureau of Prisons -
National Contact Center - The National Contact Center serves as a single point of contact for individuals with questions about Federal agencies, programs and services.
SBA Offices and Services - A guide for identifying and locating specific SBA programs or services, district offices, buiness centers, tribal business information centers, and more.
Social Security Online Office Locator -
U.S. National Weather Service -
U.S. Senate - Directory of Members - Due to the high volume and complexity of its work, Congress divides its tasks among approximately 250 committees and sub committees. The House and Senate each have their own committee system, which are similar. Learn more about the Senate Committee System.
USDA Office Information Locator -
Vision to Explore Earth - A searchable directory of images, visualizations, and animations of the Earth.
World Wide Governments on the World Wide Web - This page lists different countries that link to information about their government.

Private Resources - Includes a Travel Advisor with information on: Airline News, Airline Info, Rules Of The Air, Tips and tools for travel savings. White Label Fares.
ConsumerPrivacyGuide - The Center for Democracy and Technology recently launched The site provides consumers with information and tools to help them control the flow and use of their personal information.
National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators - This site was developed by state unclaimed property experts to assist you in your efforts to search for funds that may belong to you or your relatives.
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