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Walk on the Wild Side Explore Your Public Lands Activity Book

FCIC: Walk on the Wild Side: Explore Your Public Lands Activity Book



Activity Book

Table of Contents

America's Public Lands
Activity: Map Talk

What Can You See?
Activity: I Spy Scramble

What Can You Do?
Activity: Just Imagine

Silent Invaders (Weeds)
Activity: Where's Weedo?

Burning Point (Wildfires)
Activity: Little House Near the Wildlands

On the Edge
Activity: Down by the Riverside

Forest Keepers (Wildlife)
Activity: Finding Forest Friends

Creature Feature (Wildlife)
Activity: Habitat Match-up

Horsing Around (Wild Horses and Burros)
Activity: Mustang Roundup

Riches from the Earth (Minerals)
Activity: Minerals Match

Secret Chambers (Caves)
Activity: Cave Pictionary

Paleopuzzles (Dinosaurs)
Activity: Boneyard Mystery

Time Travel (Archaeology)
Activity: The Past: Can You Dig It?

The Big Squeeze (Using Public Lands)
Activity: Climbing the Chart

The Big Picture (Watersheds)
Activity: Making Connections

Help Wanted (Careers in Public Lands) Activity: Career Fair

Doing Your Part (Ethics) Activity: Leave No Trace

To Teachers and Parents

Dear BLM Educator

BLM Offices and Acknowledgement

U.S. Department of Interior
Bureau of Land Management

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