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The Small Business Resource Guide 2003

FCIC: The Small Business Resource Guide 2003

The Small Business Resource Guide 2003

What You Need To Know About Taxes and Other Topics

Help for Small Business Is Here

The Small Business Resource Guide 2003 contains all the business tax forms, instructions, and publications needed by small business owners. In addition, the CD provides an abundance of other helpful information, such as how to prepare a business plan, finding financing for your business, and much more.

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Updates- A Web link to a special UPDATES page on the website at This page will provide the latest changes or corrections to any information on the CD. It will also serve as a preview point for new features to be added to the next version of the Small Business Resource Guide.

Business Frequently Asked Questions and Tutorials - Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about things the business owner needs to know now! Plus tutorial assistance with important issues.


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