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Alliance to Save Energy's Power$mart

Savvy Consumer: Alliance to Save Energy's Power$mart
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Oh, Why Bother?
What's Energy? -- Efficiency vs. Conservation
It Starts at Home
Is Your Home Leaking Energy Dollars? -- Windows, Insulation, Weather Stripping
Keeping Your C-o-o-o-l -- Heating and Cooling
Light Up Your Life -- Indoor and Outdoor Lighting
Home Cooking -- Kitchens
Coming Clean -- Dishwashers, Clothes Washers, Hot Water Heaters
Too 'Plugged In' -- Computers, Electronics, Appliances
On the Move with Energy Efficiency -- Homes and Cars
Doing Your Share -- Power $mart Checklist


The Alliance to Save Energy is a coalition of prominent business, government, environmental, and consumer leaders who promote the efficient and clean use of energy worldwide to benefit consumers, the environment, economy, and national security. It is a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) organization.

Copyright ©2002 by Alliance to Save Energy. Reproduction of this booklet for educational and non-profit purposes is permitted.

This booklet has been reviewed and approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Power$mart is a service mark of British Columbia Hydro & Power Authority and is used by the Alliance to Save Energy under a license agreement with British Columbia Hydro & Power Authority.

Illustrations by Jim Carson

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