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Buying a Manufactured Home

FCIC: Buying a Manufactured Home
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How To Buy A Manufactured Home

Buying A Home

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Most manufactured homes are sold through retail sales centers, many of which are independently owned and operated. Others are owned and operated by a manufacturer. In some states, you may also buy from a manufactured home community owner, developer, or if you're purchasing a previously owned home, a real estate agent. Shop around. Retailers offer a variety of products and services. 

Many will help you choose your home and its features and, if you want, place a custom order with the factory.Typically the retailer is also responsible for coordinating the delivery and installation of your home. Ask what warranty coverage the retailer provides on transportation and installation and get it in writing. 

The retailer may arrange for financing and insurance. And, once you've moved in, the retailer is often the contact for warranty service.

A good way to find a retailer is to ask existing homeowners for recommendations. You can contact your state manufactured housing association for the names and addresses of manufacturers and retailers in your area. (Check the Yellow Page listings under manufactured or "mobile" homes.) As with any major purchase, check out a potential retailer or manufacturer with your local Better Business Bureau and state or local consumer protection agency. They'll tell you if they have any unresolved consumer complaints on file.

The Manufacturer's Warranty

Implied Warranties

The Retailer's Warranty

Appliance Warranties

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