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Each year, more than 500,000 Americans have a stroke. A stroke is sometimes called a "brain attack. "A stroke happens when the brain does not get enough blood. This cuts off oxygen and kills brain cells.

Strokes can affect a person's ability to speak, see, move, and think. Strokes may even cause death. In fact, they are the third leading killer in the United States. And they are the leading cause of disability in adults.

There are three major types of stroke:

Who Gets Strokes?

Lower Your Risk of Stroke

Act Fast!

Call 911 Right Away! Always treat the warning signs of a stroke as an emergency. Getting help in less than three (3) hours will greatly improve your chances for recovery. October 2003

Warning Signs

Call 911 if you have any of the following warning signs (or have someone else call right away):

A lot of people ignore these signs because they often last only a few minutes. But these "mini-strokes" can be a warning of a full-blown stroke later. So get medical help right away.

After a Stroke

FDA has approved several drugs to treat and even prevent stroke. Ask your doctor for more information. FDA's Office of Women's Health website:

To learn more....

National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke Information Office
Phone: 301-496-5751

National High Blood Pressure Education Program c/o NHLBI Information Center
Phone: 301-592-8573

The National Stroke Association
Phone: 1-800-STROKES/800-787-6537

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