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Guide to Federal Government Sales Department of Defense

Guide to Federal Government Sales - Department of Defense

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Defense Reutilization and Marketing Service (DRMS)

The Defense Reutilization and Marketing Service (DRMS) is responsible for the disposal of excess/surplus property received from the U.S. military services. The property is turned in to Defense Reutilization and Marketing Offices (DRMOs) located on or near military installations in the United States and in several foreign countries. Property processed through the disposal program varies in type and value -- from clothing to vehicles, from hardware to information technology, etc. DRMS does not sell real estate. Property is first offered for reutilization within the Department of Defense (DoD), transfer to other federal agencies, or donation to state and local governments and other qualified organizations. Information on how to obtain this property and what is available from DRMS is displayed on the Internet at

Excess property that is not reutilized, transferred, or donated may be sold to the public as surplus. DRMS manages the DoD surplus property sales program. Surplus property varies in commodities and value, depending on what is turned in from the military services. Once the items have been deemed available for sale, DRMS makes them obtainable via Usable, Scrap or Hazardous property sales. DRMS has entered into a commercial venture partnership with Government Liquidation (GL) to sell usable surplus property.

Selling DoD Surplus Property

General sales information, sales schedules, and catalogs for scrap and hazardous property can be viewed by visiting the DRMS web-site at To request a printed copy of the Invitation For Bid (IFB) catalog, customers may contact the Customer Contact Center toll-free at 1(888)352-9333 in the US or (269)961-7197 from Canada.

Methods of Sales

Usable Surplus Property – GL purchases and re-sells all surplus usable property (not requiring demilitarization) in the continental United States, Guam, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. Sales include high-value property, such as aircraft parts, machine tools, hardware, electronics, material handling equipment, and vehicles.

Anyone interested in purchasing this property can find sales information, sales schedules, and past bid results at or by contacting them at:

Government Liquidation (GL)
15051 North Kierland Blvd., Third Floor
Scottsdale, AZ 85254
Phone: (480) 367-1300
Fax: (480) 367-1450

GL sells property by sealed bid sales and live Internet auctions. Bidders may submit electronically their sealed bid offer via GL's website or by mail/fax.

Scrap Property -- DRMS conducts the sale of scrap property that is ferrous metal, non-ferrous metal or non metallic. Scrap property is offered at several locations throughout the United States and can be offered as a term sale lasting for a specified amount of time or a one-time sale for a specified weight. More information regarding scrap sales can be found at

Hazardous Property -- DRMS also conducts sales of environmentally sensitive material such as chemical or petroleum products, paints, or lead acid batteries. Certain items may require onsite inspection of the destination facility prior to the award. Additional information regarding hazardous property sales can be found at

NOTE:The sealed bid method is used for selling both scrap and hazardous property. Bidders submit their bids by mail, fax, or via the Internet. Bids are then opened at a specific date and time and awarded to the highest responsive/responsible bidder.

For personal property sales, USDA prohibits employees who are directly involved in the sale or have used the property as an employee from participating in the sale. Other USDA employees are allow ed to bid. USDA requires guaranteed methods of payment such as money orders, certified checks, or cash.

International Sales:

International sales, also geared to business needs, are for property that is physically located outside the United States, American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, or the US Virgin Islands. DRMS International sells property in many countries including Germany, England, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Iceland, Japan, Korea, and Thailand. DRMS overseas locations use all approved methods of sale to offer Usable, Scrap, and Hazardous Property. The majority of the property offered for sale is Non-MLI/CCLI usable property (MLI is Munitions List Items -- controlled by the U.S. Department of State; CCLI is Commerce Controlled List Items controlled by U. S. Department of Commerce) and is offered on Local Z one Sales. These sales are held through either sealed - bid or auction. A few sites offer retail, fixed-price sales aimed at customers interested in buying inexpensive items for personal use. Typical retail \ sales property includes appliances, computers, clothing, furniture, office equipment and tools. Information regarding international sales can be found at

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