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Interactive Guide to Protecting America's Drinking Water

FCIC: Interactive Guide to Protecting America's Drinking Water

Consider the Source
An Interactive Guide to Protecting America's Drinking Water

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Office of Water
April 2004

Need To Protect America's Precious Resource - Drinking Water

We rely on both an abundant and safe water supply for the health of our families and communities.

The amount of the world's available drinkable water is limited to less than one percent. There is no "new" water.

Our drinking water starts its journey to the tap from a source: a stream, river, lake, spring, or well. Everything that happens along the way can affect the quality.

Each of us lives in a watershed. A watershed is the total land area and water bodies that drain into a single river or lake system, and/or is the source of groundwater recharge to that river or lake system.


What Are Some Threats To Drinking Water Quality?

Protect Water For Life

This CD-ROM shows how our drinking resources are under siege from nature and our activities at home, work, and play. Protecting America's drinking water is in our hands. All of us must learn the facts about drinking water in our communities.

for more information:
or call: Safe Drinking Water Hotline 1-800-426-4791

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Washington DC 20460

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